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Houston Havens

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know about a month long party I will be participating in –  Sizzling Summer Reads Party, hosted by The Romance Reviews

I will be giving away one of my ebooks (Winner’s Choice) on June 9th as well there will be More than 350 prizes to be won by over 350 participating authors. It runs from June 1 – 30

The hint to my question can be found here


Romance lovers, here’s the perfect place to get recs and ideas! Join us as we bring you new and fascinating books. Join us from June 1 to 30 for exciting games and prizes. Play to win awesome giveaways! Lots of prizes up for grabs; good beach read material. Grand prize: $100 Gift Card.

See you there!

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Evelyn Shepherd

Do you like laugh out loud stories? Hot sex with a alpha male whose man parts are a teensy bit different? A heroine who isn’t afraid to kick alien butt?

Kaylee knew being a Coletti Warlord’s mate wasn’t going to be easy. Not only was Talree downright scary, he had a bossy streak a mile long and collected enemies like most men collected  lovers. But while Kaylee’s life might not be perfect, Talree truly loved her.

Flash forward nine months to a very pregnant, insanely hormonal and cranky as hell Kaylee. If the pregnancy wasn’t enough to drive her crazy, Talree’s enemies are tap dancing on her last nerve. The Shani Queen Mother, a psychotic alien with a bone to grind against Talree, decided she wanted the planet Tartum – a barren piece of crap loaded with Ditrum crystals, and part of the Coletti Empire. Her master plan? Kidnap Kaylee and hold her…

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12-Alarm Cowboys

Don’t miss this deal! 12 Scorching Hot #Cowboys in a steamy collection! Available now for 99 cents.
Come back to the Stud Ranch! Don’t miss Sabrina York’s awesome story, Come Hell or High Water: When offered a second chance to seduce his high school crush, Cade Silver cannot resist. The conflagaration of passion stuns them both, but Lisa Binder has been burned before and resists falling for the sexy cowboy/fireman. Cade, however, is a determined man. He will win her heart, come hell or high water.

What it is like to be married to a romance writer ?

Read Ch 1 of MAXIM (Galactic Cage Fighters 8) by KD Jones

Woot! I have got to read this!

Lori King Books

The amazing KD Jones has stopped by to give my readers an exclusive sneak peek at her brand new book, MAXIM. It’s the 8th book in the sci-fi adventure series Galactic Cage Fighters, and it’s burning up ereaders everywhere! Make sure to snap up this new release and if you haven’t read KD Jones yet, take a peek at her library:


Galactic Cage Fighters Book 8

By: KD Jones

Maxim is a droid halfsie, part human and part android, created in a lab. Now free from the madman that converted him, he must find a way to make a new life for himself. In an effort to put his past behind him, he takes a job as a fighter for the Galactic Cage Fighter Association. Unfortunately, he soon learns that the position comes with some unwanted benefits, like constantly being surrounded by adoring fans. It’s a situation…

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Stone Hard Seals

He was handsome and tall. Strong. A hero. His voice rumbled in a seductive, gravelly purr. He was perfect.

She’d never felt desire like this. Not for any other man. Ever.

Last summer, Hot Alpha SEALs took the book world by storm, getting rave reviews for this collection of scorching military romances, and earning spots on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.

Ryder’s story was such a hit, readers asked to read Drake’s story as well. Here, now, for the first time, are BOTH adventures!

The duet (a full length novel) will retail for $2.99, but I wanted to offer it at a discounted price of 99¢ during preorder for those of you who have read Ryder’s story and have been waiting so patiently for Drake. This is a great deal as well for your friends who missed the Hot Alpha SEALs Collection and are new to this exciting read.

Enter the Stone Hard SEALs Tiara Giveaway here:


A Duet of Steamy SEAL romance by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Sabrina York

Book One: Ryder

A hostage rescue mission turns Ryder “Stone” Maddox’s world on its ear when he comes face-to-face with his greatest fear: A woman he cannot resist. But he has to resist Lily Wilson. He’s vowed never to fall in love. Besides, as the daughter of a senator, she is definitely off-limits. Lily sees things differently. Irresistibly drawn to this hot, hard SEAL, she is determined to prove they belong together…and that her man does not have a heart of stone. (Originally published in the NYT and USA Today Bestselling Hot Alpha SEALs collection)

Book Two: Drake

Drake Ronan is all man—a rock hard SEAL who doesn’t need help from anyone. Doesn’t need anyone. But when he’s shot during a dangerous rescue mission, and has to rely on a beautiful nurse to survive, he realizes he has to rethink his resolution. Suddenly he can’t imagine his life without Brandy in it. It’s a damn shame she has a secret that could ruin everything.

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Read reviews of Ryder’s Story:

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Guest Houston Haven with her Psychic Menage Series.

Daisy Banks Blog

This is an over 18 post. By continuing to read you acknowledge you are over 18.

I am very happy to welcome Houston Haven to the blog today with her

Psychic Menage Series.

Daisy, thank you so much for having me here today so I can share the first three books of my seven book Psychic Ménage Series. As you already know, I’m a weave writer…all my stories are braided; each have a series plotline, a story plotline, and an erotic plotline. I’m happy to say, each book has its individual storyline’s happy-ever-after, though the series plotline (the struggle of the Airbornes, Star Riders, and the Moles to survive against the attacking Dirt Dwellers) is weaved through each of the books and it’s HEA won’t be told until the end of this 10 genre series. I say…if you’re a reader who enjoys an author who will take you on a…

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Review of Wolver’s Rescue


This is my first literary review. In college, I had to do movie reviews in one of my English composition classes. These were for a grade. Twenty-five years later, I’ve been asked to write a review of Jacqueline Rhoades’ new book Wolver’s Rescue.

Writing for a grade and writing for someone’s livelihood are two very different endeavors. One benefitted me. The other hopefully benefits the author. I could also think altruistically that my review could benefit readers. Does that make me egotistical? If I screw up, others may not come to love and appreciate the work of an author I enjoy. This would actually kind of make me sad.

I vow to do my best to impart my opinions of this book and my thoughts of this series as a whole without sounding completely prejudiced. Also, this review may come off more as an essay. In the end, my…

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