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I am very happy to welcome Houston Haven to the blog today with her

Psychic Menage Series.

Daisy, thank you so much for having me here today so I can share the first three books of my seven book Psychic Ménage Series. As you already know, I’m a weave writer…all my stories are braided; each have a series plotline, a story plotline, and an erotic plotline. I’m happy to say, each book has its individual storyline’s happy-ever-after, though the series plotline (the struggle of the Airbornes, Star Riders, and the Moles to survive against the attacking Dirt Dwellers) is weaved through each of the books and it’s HEA won’t be told until the end of this 10 genre series. I say…if you’re a reader who enjoys an author who will take you on a…

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