This is my first literary review. In college, I had to do movie reviews in one of my English composition classes. These were for a grade. Twenty-five years later, I’ve been asked to write a review of Jacqueline Rhoades’ new book Wolver’s Rescue.

Writing for a grade and writing for someone’s livelihood are two very different endeavors. One benefitted me. The other hopefully benefits the author. I could also think altruistically that my review could benefit readers. Does that make me egotistical? If I screw up, others may not come to love and appreciate the work of an author I enjoy. This would actually kind of make me sad.

I vow to do my best to impart my opinions of this book and my thoughts of this series as a whole without sounding completely prejudiced. Also, this review may come off more as an essay. In the end, my…

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